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Dave Garnett : Guitars / Vocals

Jay Walsh : Guitars

Rod Boston : Bass

James Perry : Drums

From Bristol, Weymouth and Nottingham, a hybrid of old school metal influences described as 'a devastatingly heavy combination of Thrash and Death Metal'.

Following the release of the debut album 'Scatter The Ground' the band spent much of 2012 and 2013 taking the music to the venues. The highlights were billings with Sepultura, Onslaught,

Sylosis, Evile, Grand Magus and Desecration. There were also heavy festival sets on stages at Bloodstock Open Air, Wacken Open Air, Hammerfest V, Download Festival and

a handful of the smaller independants.

The 2nd slab of heaviness titled 'Enraging The Beast' dropped in 2016 just after Bull-Riff Stampede were added to the Hammerfest 8 line up.

ENRAGING THE BEAST is 10 tracks of pure metal venom. Running at just over 40 minutes, It has the fastest, the slowest, the lightest and the darkest of their offerings so far.

" A new level of ******* hostility” - Metal Hammer Magazine

" A powerful blend of furious thrash with the angriest death metal ferocity " - Terrorizer Magazine

" A tight, compact, powerful unit who have honed their skills through endless gigging and good old fashioned hard work " - Powerplay Magazine

Recording for album number 3 is now underway, a demo of lead track 'DETONATOR' can be downloaded/heard on this site.

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